What is Ventilation?

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What type of Ventilation?

Ventilation can simply be described as air circulation. It's the extraction of stale, overheated and contaminated air, and the supply and distribution of fresh air in amounts necessary to provide healthy and comfortable conditions for the occupants of a room.

When dealing with a particular ventilation problem, the following basic points need to be considered:

  • Type of system required - wall, ceiling or duct mounted.
  • Ventilation rate - how much air needs to be moved.
  • Air resistance - how much resistance the duct, grilles or bends etc, will affect the performance of an extractor fan.
  • Provision of air replacement.
  • Conforming to building regulations.
  • Conforming to electrical wiring regulations.

All of these points are dealt with separately in the information section of the Fantronix Web Site.

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