External Mounted Wall Cowled Grille

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Plastic Cowled Grille with Shutter
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Plastic Cowled Grille with Shutter

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From: 3.47 (Incl. VAT @ 20%)

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100mm White 3.47
125mm White 4.96
100mm Brown 3.47
125mm Brown 4.96

Cowled Grille

The MV Cowled Grille is ideal for mounting on an external wall that is in an exposed position and where an outlet will be open to bad weather. The cowled grille has two advantages; it stops wind from rattling the shutter and also stops back draft when an extractor fan is switched off.

  • Cowled for wind and rain protection.
  • Single blade damper for anti back draught.
  • Easy screw fixing and connection to ducting.
  • Cowling and blade are easily removed for fitting & cleaing.
  • 100mm & 125mm sizes available that fit standard ducting or wall sleeves.

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