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Plastic Cone Reducer
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Plastic Cone Reducer

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Each 3.49 (Incl. VAT @ 20%)

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Ducting Reducer

PCR Plastic Ventilation Ducting Cone Reducer is robust, versatile and easy to fit to PD solid plastic ducting, FI Insulated or FX un-insulated flexible ducting.

The large end of the cone reducer (female) is designed to fit over PD solid plastic ducting, fan spigots and duct fittings with the smaller end of the reducer (male) designed to fit inside PD solid plastic ducting and FX & FI flexible ducting. Simple cut the cone reducer at the desired size. If the small end of the reducer to fan spigots or duct fittings, you will need a small piece of duct to enable a clean fit.

  • Ventilation ducting cone reducers are manufactured from flame retardant polymer.
  • Lightweight with simple to fit connections.

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