4" (100mm) Wall Flap Vent Shutter

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4" (100mm) Wall Flap Vent Shutter

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From: 3.99 (Incl. VAT @ 20%)

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(4") 100mm White 3.99
(4") 100mm Brown 3.99
(4") 100mm Black 3.99
(4") 100mm Grey 3.99
(4") 100mm Cotswold Stone 3.99
(4") 100mm Terracotta 3.99

When extracting from your bathroom, utility room, toilet shower or kitchen that is in an exposed area then fitting a wall flap vent shutter is essential. Three lightweight horizontally mounted flaps within the grill allow stale moist air to be extracted when your ventilation system is switched on. When not in use or when your extractor fan is switched off, the flaps gently fall closed to prevent wind, rain and drafts pushing back into your home.

The shutter vent can be mounted to your extermal wall anf will fit into a 100mm 4" dia hole, ventilation ducting or wall sleeve.

  • The pastic shutter is suitable for internal and external mounting.
  • 100mm (4") diameter that fit standard ducting or wall sleeves.
  • Lightweight blades for reduced airflow restriction.
  • Easy screw fixing and connection to ducting.
  • The plastic shutter blades are easily removed for fitting & cleaing.

We have updated our colour range for external cowled grilles to suit traditional building materials such as terracotta and cotswold stone. We have also included colours to suit more modern architectual designs like grey and black. Grilles can either descreetly blend in offer a contrasting look.
  • White.
  • Brown.
  • Black.
  • Grey
  • Cotswold Stone (Beige).
  • Terracotta.

White Finish

Our most popular colur. Matches well to gloss or matt white painted wood or uPVC windows, frames, fascias and roof soffits.

Dark Brown Finish

The brown finish has been specially selected for houses that have a dark wood finish.


A stylish colour suited to a more modern look and matches well with with the new style of black edged glass.


Suited for modern houses, commercial building, churches and town dwellings.

Cotswold Stone

A good look for period properties, cottages and light stone coloured houses.


A very comon new house colour, mainly used for town houses and newer buildings.

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