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Passive Background Wall Ventilation Grille
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Passive Background Wall Ventilation Grille

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Ref: PS-102

From: 35.15 (Incl. VAT @ 20%)

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Wall vent is intake ventilation unit for constant background ventilation and designed for supplying of fresh air to residential or nonresidential premises. Wall vent can fill the room with fresh air is not opening windows and not letting the dust, street noise, dust to the premises. And also eliminates the leakage of heat in the winter time through an open window or window vent and, thus, reduce the cost of additional heating of the room. You can safely leave the room, tightly closed all the windows and window vents, allowing the wall vent to perform their functions during your absence. Wall vent is installed in the outer wall of premises, cottages, office buildings, etc. above or near a window.

Special designed construction of internal grille and air flow regulation provided smooth intake of air flow and its distribution that guarantees lack of draughts. Smooth mixing of warm and cold air in winter time prevents of extra humidity and provides the self-regulation of the climate in premises.


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