Passive Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

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Passive Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit
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Passive Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

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Ref: PS-150

From: 399.99 (Incl. VAT @ 20%)

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Flexible, versatile passive heat recovery ventilation unit.

  • Up to 90% efficient. It will recover up to 90% of heat extracted and pump back into intake air..
  • 150mm, 6" dia duct spigot connections,
  • Will handle up to 300 m3/hour of extract & supply air.
  • Supplied in an acoustically lined box with G4 filter to protect the heat recovery cube.

Heat exchanger (originally recuperation in Latin receiving back, returning) is an energy saving device designed to save thermal energy through heat recovery. As of today thermal energy recuperation is one of the basic energy saving technologies and an integral part of ventilation systems in modern buildings and premises.

The passive heat exchanger PR 150 installed in ventilation systems serves to transfer heat or cold from extract air flow to intake air flow from outside. Recuperation minimizes thermal energy losses and reduces operating costs for warming up of supply air in cold seasons or for cooling down in hot seasons. The passive heat exchanger PR 150 is designed for joint operation together with supply and exhaust in-line fans, as for example, VENTS VK 150. The heat exchanger is installed behind suspended ceiling and connected to Ø 150 mm ductworks.

The high-efficient heat exchanger is made of polystyrene or aluminium and ensures recuperating efficiency up to 90%.
The heat exchanger has a compact and small casing made of alu-zinc internally filled with thermal- and sound-insulated layer. The built-in replaceable G4 filters are designed for purification of supply and extract air.

Ventilation system with heat recovery means not only clean air in your house but a considerable money saving.

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