Ducting Silencer - Flexible

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Ducting Silencer - Flexible
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Ducting Silencer - Flexible

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From: 31.33 (Incl. VAT @ 20%)

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100mm 4" Dia 31.33
125mm 5" Dia 33.83
150mm 6" Dia 36.62
200mm 8" Dia 49.71
250mm 10" Dia 59.78
315mm 12" Dia 74.35

Ducting Fan Silencers - Flexible

Managing airborne noise is extremely difficult and problematic as there are so many contributing factors. Basically, the more air you try and move through smaller ducts, the faster the air travels and the more noise it makes. Our SRF Flexible Silencers offer a quick fix solution to reduce air noise while still maintaining a high degree of flexibility.

  • 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 & 315mm dia sizes available.
  • 500mm long.
  • Huge 50mm silencer wall for a high level of attenuation.
  • Highly flexible, will bend to 180 degrees.
  • Will reduce airborne extractor fan noise if mounted on outlet.
  • Packed with non-combustible sound insulation material.
  • Will dampen high and low frequency noises (from whistles to dull drowning noises).

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