Airstream Continual Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

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Airstream 1.1E Continual Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

Airstream 1.1E Continual Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

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From: 225.00 (Incl. VAT @ 20%)

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  • Extremely efficient whole house ventilation solution.
  • Accredited with 'Best Practice' use by the BRE.
  • SAP Q Listed and approved.
  • Extremely low carbon SFP rating of 0.16 w/l/s.
  • Impressive airflow rate of 75 l/s @ 200 Pa.
  • 5 Year warranty.
  • Can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted.

Our Airstream 1.1E removes the need for individual fan units in each wet room. Providing an efficient single fan ventilation unit with duct connections to each wet room, the BROOKVENT airstream 1.1 E manages the air flow in these areas, offering lower running costs and only one exterior vent.

Airstream 1.1E is suited for a wide variety of housing applications, as well as toilet units in commercial premises. The compact design of the airstream 1.1 E means that it is particularly ideal for apartments, where space is limited.



How continual mechanical ventilation works

Central Extract Ventilation works by continuously extracting from the kitchen and wet rooms within the property boosting and if necessary removing, the pollutant air quickly and effectively at its source.

It is a central system containing one fan with multi-spigot adapters that that are used to connect with each extract valve via ducting.

The fan extracts from each kitchen and wet room, this air is drawn into the unit and then pushed out to atmosphere via one 125mm diameter opening (e.g. an external wall louver, or roof vent).

This type of system works in collaboration with window vents within a property, the extraction of air within each of the wet rooms. It then creates negative pressure within the property causing fresh air to be drawn in via the window vents.

These systems can be linked to various signals/ switches that can instruct the system to boost when needed, typical examples include humidistats, lighting circuits, shower circuits, and motion sensors, etc.


SAP Reference:
airstream 1.1 E
Download full details from the SAP website

381mm x 371mm x 260mm


Fan housing manufactured from high grade polypropylene

230V ~ 50Hz Class II

Specific Fan Power
Down to 0.16w/l/s

Wired remote switch controlling trickle, medium and boost speeds
(switch not included)
100% variable motor speed options for trickle and boost
Speeds adjustable through speed pots located on fan body

Standards & Regulations

SAP Approved
Complies with Building Regulations for UK & Ireland

Can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted

Maintenance free

Guarantee Period
2 years



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